Brush Fencing Installation

All our brush fences are hand thatched on a quality internal galvanized steel frame to ensure a long life. Our brush is sourced from a reputable supplier who meets all the harvesting requirements that ensure the industry is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The base the fence sits on is of high strength, with your choice of timber or concrete to provide a long lasting, low maintenance brush fence.

We also specialise in heavy duty swinging or sliding gates, with manual or fully automated operating systems. You can even operate your gates by phone if required. All our gates have steel bases to stop brush dropping and dragging on the ground. We only use the highest quality gate hardware.

Thatched On-Site

All Brush Fencing can install letterboxes of most shapes and sizes built into your brush fence with an internal steel frame or a window so that you can still see special features in your garden.

All Brush Fencing have had lots of different requests over many years and with a little thought, we have been able to provide solutions for every need.


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